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Our Value Proposition

For public agencies:
We offer support to public agencies in building their internal capacity to understand the context, market, available tools, language, and policies in the field of blended finance. Our aim is to help you navigate the complexities of blended finance and facilitate dialogue and partnerships with the public, commercial, and philanthropic sectors.

For business entities:
We work closely with your team to make your entity investment ready and your projects financially appealing to attract funding and financing capital. We achieve this by improving your business's financial viability, strengthening institutional and individual capacities, articulating your mission, and identifying potential opportunities to scale impacts. We facilitate investor contacts and provide curated networking platforms that give you the opportunity to pitch and find the right investor for your needs.

For private investors and corporates:
We create networking platforms and facilities that enable you to source deals and partnerships with public funders, thereby helping to de-risk your investments and enhance your investment portfolio.

We approach each client with a fresh perspective, developing customised and unique strategies and solutions tailored to your specific needs.  We challenge the status quo, disrupt traditional thinking to create transformative changes.

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Who We Are

About the Founder

Lean Finance was established in 2020 by Oksana Tkachenko, a finance professional with extensive experience in both commercial and not-for-profit sectors. With a strong background in strategic business planning, change management, innovation, corporate leadership, and stakeholder engagement, Oksana has held senior executive positions in Australia and has successfully managed company finances. Driven by a deep passion for creating positive social impacts, Oksana is dedicated to advocating for economic equality, poverty reduction, social cohesion, and the overall well-being and stability of communities. 

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